Intellij sonarlint plugin creates .idea folder even when the project setting was `.ipr` file based

versions used

  • sonarlint Version:**
  • Intellij Version: Ultimate 2018.2.3**

error observed
Imported a maven project with Format .ipr(file based). But it still creates a .idea directory which only contains sonar related folders.

steps to reproduce

  • Import any maven project into intellij
  • On import Project from Maven screen, select project format as .ipr(file based)
  • On project root directory you can still see .idea directory containing only folder named sonarlint

I understand that most of the projects have .gitignore setting to avoid anything under **.idea** directory. But It seems to be out of contract with how IntelliJ might treat .idea directory.

Hi Raja,

SonarLint needs a place to store issues downloaded from the SonarQube server (when connected to one) and that are related to the project.
The .idea directory is convenient because as you said it is usually already excluded in the SCM. It is also where people expect IntelliJ and its plugins to store information when not using the .ipr.
As I see it, the alternative would be to use a .sonarlint folder, but this would be worse for most people.