Create a `.gitignore` entry for `.idea/`-created files

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    • Connected to SonarCloud or SonarQube (and which version):

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There are people that like to check in their IDE configurations in the repository itself.

Or simply that they are not by-default ignoring such folders.

With the extension , we get a @/.idea/sonarlint/ directory.
IMHO there is nothing there worth committing. Please figure out “the best way” to ignore those files in the context of git.

(It does not apply probably only to IntelliJ, but I don’t want to investigate the specifics of the other platforms)

Hey there.

So… create a .gitignore entry! These docs should help.

Yes. You pollute my repository, please take responsibility and create the file(s)/rule(s) yourselves :pray:

Hello @stdedos, when sharing IDE projects, JetBrains effectively recommends pushing the .idea directory as part of the version control. The sonarlint directory is not to be pushed.

We created this ticket on our side, and we will try to come up with a more convenient solution.