IntelliJ - missing Perform SonarLint analysis on "Before Commit"

according to that post there should be an option to perform SonarLint analysis before commit, but it is missing:
IntelliJ: Build #IU-213.6461.79, built on December 28, 2021

Hello @Andrzej_Talarek,

Is this screenshot coming from IDE settings ?

The option that you can see in the linked post comes from the Commit Changes modal window, that is opened when you try to commit. If it does not show up, it probably means you decided to use the non-modal commit option at some point. You can still revert it here:

By investigating, I discovered that there is a way for this option to also appear in the IDE settings and it would make sense, so I created this ticket.

Thanks for reporting!

Thanks, everything explained and clear.

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