Installation : SonarQube Sonar Scanner installation and demo run Documented

I have installed , sonarqube 7.8, sonar-scanner-, but not able to rebuild it. If any one has documented step by step installation with or without screenshot, it will be great.


It’s not clear what you want. You shouldn’t need to build anything; the artifacts are freely downloadable.


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The steps mentioned in the website ( clearly mention that the code needs to build for analysis. I am new to sonarqube, my understanding was, If I give any file it will scan, but it needs a complete package to do full analysis. Like in my case I was trying to scan some C sharp (.cs) files, but for me to build it needs solution file (.sln) to complete the build.

Ah. Yes. That build. For many languages no build is required, but for C# and several others, it is. Sorry, but I can’t give you a workaround other than constructing a small solution around your files.