Inquiry Regarding css:S4654

  • Environment : Sonarqube 10.4.1

Currently I am encountering an issue with css:S4654, “CSS properties should be valid”.

textarea.field-sizing-content {
field-sizing: content;

and it shows me " Unexpected unknown property “field-sizing” "

and below link is description about “field-sizing”
field-sizing - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN.

I would appreciate any advice on how to resolve this issue.


Thank you for providing us this feedback.

We rely on stylelint for this rule implementation and it is possible that this property is not yet recognized because it is still marked as experimental.
Indeed stylelint relies on known-css-properties for this, and we can see that it has been added only recently.
It has been integrated to Stylelint only recently as well.

I have opened an issue on our Jira: [JS-144] - Jira


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