Initial import of project within a monorepo has been running for over three days

I’m using a monorepo, and I’m trying to get my first project analyzed. I used the “import monorepo” feature to do the setup automatically, and that has been running for over three days. Is there any way to stop this process? I’d rather complete the manual setup at this point.


Hey there.

What exactly has been running? Can you share a screenshot of where it’s stuck?

Sure thing!


Hm. That’s no good. Let me reach out to you privately to get your organization/project key.

To come back on this thread publicly – there’s a bug in SonarCloud that allows Automatic Analysis to appear to begin running on monorepos that are only configured with a single project. A ticket has been created on our side to fix this.

The workaround is to not provision a single project as a monorepo (using the normal onboarding wizard), or making sure multiple projects are provisioned when setting up a monorepo.