Indicating source project for a Pull request decoration in a repo with more than one sonar project

I am using github actions to call a sonar cloud analysis for c++ project with two distinct build targets. I have created separate workflows which successfully run on PR’s for the repo and add a Pull request decoration to the PR for each of the targets using two separate sonar projects to store the analysis (the project is private, so unfortunately, I can’t link it here).

The issue I have is that there is no indication on the two Pull request decoration’s to indicate which sonar project (and hence which build target) they relate to without actually clicking on the link in the target and going to the full report.

Is there some way of having the sonar project name display in a Pull Request Decoration, or some argument I can pass to sonar-scanner to make it display static text in the decoration I can use to make it obvious which decoration is which?

I tried passing the projectName and projectDescription parameters to sonar-scanner on the off chance they might work but these don’t seem to get displayed.

Hey there.

Thanks for the feedback. Are you referring to the status check, or the summary comment posted in the GitHub PR?

The summary comments posted in the PR. The comment doesn’t have anything visible to identify which sonar project it corresponds to.

Thanks. This is good feedback that I’ll flag for the right team.

In fact, looking more closely, if your projects are configured as a monorepo, the project name should be visible in the summary comment.

Did you setup these projects as a monorepo?