Indentation suggestion in PHPStorm (php:S1808)

I’m seeing the same behaviour as reported in this old thread:

Even setting the tab size to 4 spaces in my IDE, it still suggest to align to column 20.

The problem is, with a tab of 4 spaces, you start in column 1, and goes 5, 9, 13, 17, 21. You can’t indent to column 20.

There are something I’m missing here?

Thanks. =)

Hello @Jeferson_Emanuel,

welcome to the community. Thanks for your request. Can you provide a reproducer, so that we can test it on our side?


Hi Nils_Werner , thanks for the reply.

I’m new in this development scenario. Only 7 months working as a junior developer.

Can you be more specific in what is this reproducer? A file, some block of code…

Hi @Jeferson_Emanuel,

Sorry for the late reply. Indeed, a reproducer is a minimal snippet of code that produces the issue. In your case a few lines of code which are causing the unexpected issue.