Incremental Scan support

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  • SonarQube 7.6 with SonarQube-GitLab plugin
  • Faster build and scan for our GitLab merge request process
  • Removed unnecessary files and tests

Hello, we are trying to implement merge request scanning in our GitLab CI process, and the scanner is reaching around 17 minutes to scan our 603k LOC project. Is there a way to implement incremental scanning so that SonarQube will not index and scan all files in the project and only scan the changed files?


Hello @thanarino,

Indeed, incremental mode looks like a nice solution, and in fact, we already started looking into it, and recently added its support for C++.

Unfortunately, it is not available for Java, however, we have an ongoing effort to improve Java analysis performance, incremental mode will definitely be discussed.

I added a link to this post in the ticket, you can follow the evolution of the subject there.



Is anything like this also available for C#? I’d like to have fast analyses for my PR’s, but now the scan takes too long to add it to every PR.

We also are starting to hit this issue, sonar analysis takes too long for Java + maven builds.

The link you provided for MMF-1870 is dead (or behind permissions).

Could you share some updates or other links?