Incremental Analysis (Java) Support?

SonarQube - Enterprise Edition Version 8.9 (build 43852)

Hello Team - I just wanted to revisit this question of incremental analysis. I have a code base that has mixed languages but its mostly in Java. Just wanted to confirm that at this time SQ can not just scan just against my committed changes - it has to scan the whole repo.

I understand once everything is scanned then I can filter the report against new changes only. My SQ scan currently takes 30 mins to run in a pipeline and was trying to save the developer some time and just scan against their changes only.

Thanks for your response SQ Team!

Hey there.

It’s coming in the v9.x series.

We’ve actually done a lot of work to enable this so far (merged into master), and we’re working on a final piece of the puzzle which is to make it work with our security analysis. We hope to deliver this in v9.5 or v9.6.

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