Inconsistent Error with project configuration and Analysis

I was trying to configure a new project for the initial analysis. First time , it failed with the error :
Your analysis with ID “XXXXXXXXX” has failed: your number of lines exceeds your organization plan. [Edit billing info] or [See details in Background Tasks] Or [see troubleshooting documentation].

I was planning to upgrade and opened the project , it did the first analysis and error was gone.

But I keep getting the same error on an inconsistent basis (sometimes the error is shown and other days it analyzes the project ) .
I checked the background tasks, some show SUCCESS , some show FAILED, The failed ones are due to the above error only. Also , current LOC is supported by subscription plan.

Need some pointers which can help to understand and resolve the error…

Thanks in advance

Closing this thread as it is a duplicate of LOC Computation during project setup

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