In Sonarcloud website, not able to see the code coverage and code files

ALM used : Azure Devops
CI system used : Azure Devops
Languages of the repository : javascript

I am using sonar cloud to see the code coverage of nodejs files. I am using Azure devops to publish the results. All the 3 tasks which are required by the SonarCloud is added in Build pipeline. even though build is successful, I am not able to see the code files and code coverage report in the website.

I have attached the screenshot, Can anyone please help me on this?

Hi @Lakshmi_Chinivar and welcome to the community !

Which scanner / build technology are you using along with the extension ?


Hi @mickaelcaro, I am using “Use standalone scanner” option for “Choose the way to run the analysis” in Prepare analysis on SonarCloud task of build pipeline.

Lakshmi G Chinivar

OK thanks. Do you provide any sonar.javascript.lcov.reportPaths property in the additional properties field of the prepare analysis configuration ? If not, you have to, since it’s not automatically filled (this should be an absolute path to your lcov file).


Thanks for your quick response. I am giving below settings in additional properties option in Prepare task.
sonar.exclusions= “I am excluding node modules”
sonar.sources= “Here I am giving absolute path for my code ex: src folder”
sonar.javascript.lcov.reportPaths= “gave absolute path to”
sonar.test.inclusions= “Including all the test files of test folder”

I am not giving path for under “Settings File” since I was getting some errors.
Can you please help me on this?


Ok, then could you please provide us the log, in debug mode, of the Run Code Analysis task please ? If needed, i can send you a PM so you can share it privately.


Sure. Please share your PM details, I will share the Run code analysis task logs.