Improvements for React, dependency detection, Tailwind, SASS, and more

Hi everyone,

We have pushed an update for JavaScript, TypeScript and CSS including:

JavaScript and TypeScript

  • S100 and S138: React functional components are now an exception for function naming conventions and max lines per function. This reduces false positives.

  • S4328: Dependency detection is now improved when package.json is high up in a directory structure, and is now using baseUrl configuration in TypeScript when available. You’ll get more precise dependency detection.


  • S4649: You can now skip the system fonts requirement for specific font families by passing the ignoreFontFamilies option, for example for icon fonts. So now you have finer control for this rule.

  • S4662: Improvements for respecting Tailwind CSS directives and SASS forward rules by default. Less friction with these tools!

  • S4653, S4660, S4650: Among more improvements and updates to make CSS rules more precise.

Please note that the minimum required NodeJS version is now 12.22.0.

The update is available now in SonarCloud and will be part of SonarQube 9.5 when released.

Enjoy and do give us some feedback if this helps you!