Improved Pull Request decoration and summary to increase focus on clean code

Hello SonarCloud :sonarcloud: users,

The SonarCloud Pull Request decoration within GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, and Azure DevOps is being improved to help you better identify and address code issues. This change is geared towards highlighting the root causes of bad code rather than merely its consequences and is aimed at providing developers with insightful and constructive feedback.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 08.43.00

We applied similar changes to the in-product Pull Request summary.

You can read more about Clean Code and why we are making these changes in this blog post.

The SonarCloud Team

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In which version of Sonarqube can we expect to see this improvement ?

@FredericS these changes were already released as part of SonarQube 10.3.

Hi Martin.

Is this enabled by default in versions 10.3 without any configuration required?

Can you please help me by sending developer documentation on setting up this feature PR decoration for versions 9.9 enterprise edition?

Hello @williamxnguyen ,

Welcome to the community!

Yes, this is the default starting from 10.3.

You can find documentation on how to set this up for all supported platforms for 9.9 here: Pull Request analysis