Importing Scala test coverage file failing when running Sonarcloud scan from Docker

I’m trying to convert from Sonarqube to Sonarcloud and in the process move the CI integration to run in Docker rather than directly on the Jenkins Linux host. The scans are working fine on the repo’s I’ve moved but the code coverage is not coming in for Scala projects after I move it to Docker.

We were previously getting the code coverage to import fine in Sonarqube but once I move it into Docker it starts to fail because it can’t find the code coverage file. How do I point to the code coverage file in the sonar.scala.coverage.reportPaths property?

Hey there.

Can you give more details about how you’ve configured your build (a Dockerfile, a scripted pipeline,e tc.) that shows both how the coverage report is being produced and how SonarCloud analysis is being run?

I was able to get it figured out. Thank you.

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