Last analysis as faile e09e024d-0c2f-42ad-b08e-723dc4858770

Scala / sbt project

  • scala 2.13
  • sbt 1.10.0
  • sbt-scoverage 2.0.11

I think I made it work from Github Actuion :blush:
I just like to see I sonarcloud can pull scoverage


Welcome to the community!

Could you provide the approximate date and time of this error?


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Hi Olivier,

Could you clarify a bit the issue you are facing?

The post indicates Autoscan as a label, but you also mention GitHub action.
Indeed Autoscan does not support the coverage feature, as documented here. There you’ll find directions about how to import coverage files.

Hi Alex,
Thank you for this answer, sorry I did not see that was not supported.

It works with GitHub action but I had to fix some paths in the scovegage.xml file with :

Are you aware of this ? Or did I miss something ?


Thanks for letting us know about the coverage problem you faced. We are aware that the paths in your coverage reports need to match up to the paths analysis sees.


Hi @cheleb

Yes, we are aware. It looks like a solution to the same problem has been implemented in a similar way in a community GitHub action.

This one:

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