Import Swiftlint issues in generic format

Hi everyone,

I should have told it earlier.

I feel happy to hear that Sonarqube supported swiftlint issues officially.

A while ago, I submitted my change to swiftlint, where I added the new reporter to support SonarQube generic format, and it’s merged.

It’s not released yet, but it will be included in the next version.

In my company, while we are waiting for the new version, we are using my custom fork of SwiftLint, the only extra feature of which is SonarQube format output. It is working fine for some iOS app.

I am curious about that my change is still relevant or not.

Anyway, now SwiftLint has the issue format dedicated to SonarQube.
We can work together to make it more powerful.


Hello, Yusuke!

Thank you for your work!

As you have mentioned, starting version 7.4 SonarQube supports the import of SwiftLint reports in JSON format (details in the docs). We don’t have any plans to move away from this format for the moment.

However, your changes will help other users that are on earlier version of SonarQube and want to import SwiftLint reports, until they migrate to SQ 7.4 or newer versions.

Thanks again for the work that you have done for the SQ community!