Import SonarQube data in to Elastic

Version 6.7.5 (build 38563) of SonarQube is being used.
We are planning to import sonarqube data using the web api in to Elastic.
There are quite lot of issues, close to 1m and these are being imported in to Elastic.
There are visualizations created b using Kibana for the data stored in to Elastic, this is used for an executive dashboard that we are creating.
Now the data has been imported, i was unable to find how to update the elastic database when the issues are updated at the SonarQube level.
If there is a way to know the issues that are updated say since yesterday, The sonarqube data might be loaded freshly yesterday. Planning on a cron job that would wake up at mid night and get the updated the issues from sonarqube and update the same in elastic.


Selam Banu,

could you please tell me how did you visualize the SonarQube data using with Elasticsearch?

We extracted the data from Sonarqube using web API of Sonarqube and then used Kibana to visualize the charts.