Import project from Sonarqube

Hi everyone!

I am using Sonarqube 9.9 LTS version and I can export my projects in a zip file that contains .pb files with interesting data such as issues, settings, metrics, measures, branches, analyses, etc.

This is a piece of very important information for me, and I want to know if in Sonarcloud, could I automatically import these .pb files to get the same configuration in Sonarcloud as Sonarqube? In short, Could I migrate my projects from Sonarqube to Sonarcloud with an export/import action? Or I should do it manually?


Hey there.

There’s no mechanism to import results from SonarQube into SonarCloud. The best that you can do to maintain some history of your project is to analyze various commits of your projects (say, major releases or once a month/quarter) and add the sonar.projectDate analysis parameter set too othe commit date and analyze those commits in chronological order.

At the very least, it preserves a vague understanding of the history of your project, without specifics (issue assignments, issues marked FP/WF, etc.)

Just to clarify your need, what’s important for you to keep when moving from SonarQube to SonarCloud? The metrics/indicators for the main milestones of your project? More than this?

Hi @Collin!

Thank you for your response.

What I need, and is important for me, is to migrate the technical debt from Sonarqube to Sonarcloud. Now I am using a script to get the false positive and won’t fix issues from Sonarqube, and propagate to Sonarcloud.

I thought that could exists an automatic way to do this, without using my script, but I suspect that no.