I'm asked to upgrade java version of projects already on Java 11

I got an email today saying I need to upgrade a lot of my projects to java 11 before october.

The problem with that is that I thought I already had: I’ve removed everything java8-ish from the .travis.yml and everything builds clean locally with java 11.

Here are the projects sonarcloud is says need upgrading to java11:

Nothing locking to java8 in any .travis.yml files.

All maven-compiler-plugin configurations target java8 byte code. Is this the cause of the message?


  • Steinar

Hi @steinarb and welcome to the community !

Do you still have the warning in your project’s dashboard when doing an analysis ?

If not, then you can forget about this email.

Thanks !

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Hi, and thanks.

Unsure of where to find the project’s dashboard?

But there are no warnings in e.g. https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=no.priv.bang.oldalbum%3Aoldalbum which has just done an analysis (from a travis-ci build triggered by a push to github).

Does that mean there are no warnings?


Hi !

Yep, should be good :wink: