If conditions 2 of 4 test covered I cannot figure out what's is missing

I have below snippet

  if(command.Channel == null) //partially 2 of 4 conditions
                throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(command));

in the tests we are covering Null, Empty and Valid strings… it should make 3 of 4, but it says 2 of 4 no matter what.
Even for

  if(command.Channel.clock != null) //partially 2 of 4 conditions
                foreach(var schedule in command.Channel.clock) //partially 2 of 4 conditions
                   do something

some idea why no matter how many tests are created still show 2 of 4 partially covered?

SonarQube only reads coverage reports – it’s not involved in producing them. I would reach out to the maintainers of your coverage tool to better understand how condition coverage is being reported (and what’s missing).

How can I contact Sonarcloud maintainers?

I’m referring to the maintainers of the tool you use to generate code coverage reports.

I am also facing similar issue on conditional flows, even in simple conditional flow with true or false it shows 2 our 4 is not covered