IE11: some controls not visible on SonarSource Community forum UI


(Michael Hüttermann) #1

On IE11, some of the SonarSource Community forum UI controls are opaque. For example, I do not see the search button on the top right. It is there, in case I know where it is located, and if I move over, I get a tooltip, and I cann press the button, but I cannot see neither button nor ist label. Thank you. :slight_smile:

(Nicolas Bontoux) #2

Hi Michael,

I can see it on my IE11 instance:

IE11 screenshot

Note that this instance runs on Discourse official releases, so it’s worth checking on their community. Especially, mou might want to read/contribute to this thread in the Discourse Community:

(Michael Hüttermann) #3

Salut Nicolas,
thanks, that’s great! Maybe you can add a small note somewhere which browsers are prefered to use the forum. I was wondering whether I’m too blind, or too stupid, or both, to find the search functionality, while I was always sure that there is one, since all SonarSource offerings are extremely fantastic and would never miss such an essential feature.