I'd like more room for code display


To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the new web interface layout.

I know that it takes more time to get accustomed to changes when you get old :slight_smile:
But, I feel like there’s less and less room for source code display. It really bothers me to have to scroll a lot to get the source code context around the issue. As far as I am concerned, the source code is the central focus of SonarQube and there should be more room dedicated to it.

I don’t know if others have the same feedback but I’d really like more room for code display.

Thank you



Hey there.

I’ve passed your feedback along to the right folks – who may drop by. :slight_smile: It sounds like we’ve gotten some feedback like this before.

If anybody else has this same feedback, please add to this thread!

Thanks :heart: