I want to know what is the best way to use Sonar?


(Mahmoud Lotfi) #1

1 - Is it just installing SonarLint on Eclipse and fixing errors reported by the plugin in real time ?
2 -Or it’s Installing a local version of Sonar Qube with the same rules and quality gates of the server and also Sonar Scanner, and before each commit run Sonar Scanner locally and check if Sonar will pass by success.

The first point is stressful because SonarLint plugin analyzes all the file and not just the last changes and it gives me many Sonar Warnings and Alerts that I don’t need and it prevents me from moving forward in my main task.

(G Ann Campbell) #2


The best way is #1. You can reduce your stress points by using it in connected mode so only the rules used by your server are applied. As for showing you all the issues in the file, that is supposed to be a feature :smile:. The idea is to know what existing problems are in the file in case you want to tackle any of them while you’re in there.