I need more clarification about sonarqube best practices?



I have one doubt IDE to sonarqube lifecycle like a,
Sonarlint role
sonarqube account role.
bitbucket roles

what is best practices in sonarqube?
how do applicable sonarqube in organization?
I need an overall best practices in sonarqube?

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This diagram actually illustrates (kinda) the best practices.

  • Set up a SonarQube server
  • Install SonarLint in your IDE and connect it to your project in SonarQube so the same rules are applied in both places
  • When you commit code changes, make sure your CI system fires analysis to update the results in SonarQube.

If you have further questions, please be explicit about what it is you want to know or don’t understand, and if applicable detail what you’ve tried and what the results were.



contionous integartion how it is possible?

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That depends on what your current infrastructure is. SonarSource provides and supports Jenkins integration. Integrations are also available for other CI engines.


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Above diagram this suitable for community edition?

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if any line of code limitation ?
how many developers involves to particular project?

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Community Edition is free, no matter how many lines of code, projects, or developers you have. Commercial editions are charged by lines of code in the instance.