I have some questions regarding the detekt plugin

I am analyzing Kotlin using the sonar-detekt plugin. The scan(analyzing) took a long time, so I checked and found that the detekt scan took a long time.
The problem is that this plugin scans not only the rules activated in the Quality Profile but also all rules and displays them as activated in the Quality Profile. If you think about it, I think this could be possible.

However, to reduce the scanning time, you can’t just scan as specified in the quality profile, right? Also, Jenkins is producing too much console output (report). Can’t this be removed or cleaned as well?


The sonar-detekt plugin is not an official plugin from SonarSource and the developers archived the repository. Don’t expect any fix for this.

Instead of using it, you can run detekt manually (or using the maven/gradle plugin) and then import the report to SonarQube using the property sonar.kotlin.detekt.reportPaths.