I can't access to sonarcloud dashboard with nestle azure devops services

I have installed sonarcloud extension in azure devops marketplace when I try to use it I should login with my credentials to sonarcloud dashboard I am the admin of azure devops but I am not able to login to sonarcloud with my credentials. I am blocked here.
Could you please help me?

Hi @Alfajor and welcome to the community.

What’s the error you have looks like ?


Hi Mickaelcaro,
The issue happens when I tried to login with azure devops services using my nestle account.
I am being asked to autorize the request.
I sent the autorization but from admin side we can’t approve it.
I attach screenshoots so you can have a look.

Screenshot 2020-09-02 at 13.03.30


Can you check with your admin that 3rd party apps can be granted from a non-admin user ?

You can check it by going to your Azure AD, then Enterprise Application, then “User settings”, then check that those settings are set that way :