I am unable to import coverage.xml from Azure DevOps

Hi Team,

I unable to get the coverage in SonarQube for hybris application, I am able to generate coverage/report.xml.
updated the property file


I am unable to see the coverage in SonarQube, I tried in Manual import from SonarQube but still no luck please help me on it.

Hey there.

  • What SonarQube version are you using?
  • What languages are you analyzing?
  • What do the scanner logs say about the coverage import (look for any reference to the /home/sonaradmin/report.xml file you defined)
  • What SonarQube version are you using - 8.9 developer edition
  • What languages are you analyzing - Hybris java
  • What do the scanner logs say about the coverage import (look for any reference to the /home/sonaradmin/report.xml file you defined) - logs i didn’t find any thing , manually also tried but not working

@Colin Please help me on it , It is blocking us to move to next level

Hey there.

I would suggest reviewing this guide on the generation / import of JaCoCo coverage reports.

If you still face issues, feel free to upload any relevant analysis logs here, if you’re unable to find clues in the logs yourself.

Hi @Colin ,

we are trying to get the coverage for Java hybris application by using ANT(build.xml)
could you please guide me how to get the coverage and publish the coverage report in SonarQube.

@Colin Please help me on my issue we are blocked with coverage in hybris with ant

Hey there.

As noted back in June:

@Colin Could you please share the steps generate SonarQube coverage for sap hybris application with ant for sap hybris it’s java based.

I tried some other ways but not working
could you please provide steps to generate Jacoco coverage with ant tool in azure devops

As of now we don’t have logs to publish , please provide steps to get the coverage

Hey there.

SonarQube only reads coverage reports, it isn’t involved in generating them.

I’m facing similar issue, is it fixed for you?