HTTP Headers Authentication

My team is implementing the Sonar, and one of the requirements is to use a reversed proxy to authentication users. Until here it’s all fine, but I have some doubts about:

  • Does Sonar can delegate the user session to this proxy. The proxy will control the login and logoff;
  • Can I disable the login form, so the only login method will be via proxy;
  • Can I include same header on Sonar response, or I have to do that via proxy


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The docs should help.



the proxy will forward any headers you’ve configured to Sonarqube
the login may be disabled via SSO configured in $SONARQUBE_HOME/conf/
and the sonar.web.sso* properties.
Not sure what you’re asking for with your third question. The Sonaraqube webhook feature works fine with using an apache reverse proxy.


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