Forced auth with lisRUTA plugin?

I need to get working single-sign-on for my sonarqube server.I found this plugin IisRemoteUserTokenAuthentication

First of all , I need someone to tell me if this plugin was intended to be used with the " Force user authentication: option in sonarqube.

If I don’t force the authentication in SonarQ looks like windows authorization is bypassed, it send me to the about sonarqube webpage
Thu, 24 Jan 2019 19:19:41 GMT

But if I force it, it doesn’t let me pass though the login page in sonarqube .It ask me to login first with a windows prompt.

If this plugin works with forced authentication , can someone give me a hand in how to pass the http headers to sonarqube login page?

what should be the configuration in web.conf and in
I’m using iis reverse proxy since I’m redirecting http to https.

Any information will be appreciated or if you know another tool to bypass the login credentials to sonarqube will be nice to know.

Thank you
Ivette Mar

I never got help or an answer about this plug in from this forum.I made it work better with Apache and http headers , plus the usual sso sonar config.
I tried to pass the http headers in IIS but it never worked correctly