How to use plugin?

I know I have to put jar file on where plugins should be placed

But what I am wondering is whether there is anything I need to do to use plugins

I applogize for my question being quite vague

honestly, I am not so sure what to ask

all I want is to use slang plugin (GitHub - SonarSource/slang)

Hey there.

That “plugin” is in fact a component of all SonarQube editions (including the Community Edition) and doesn’t require any installation. Ruby, Go, and Scala analysis are built into all supported versions of SonarQube.

thanks for the reply

what I am trying to do is to change a bit of sourcecode in that plugin to suit my purpose.
to be more specfiic, my ultimate goal is to save golang- AST
and I found one of the modules in slang plugin (“sonar-go-to-slang”) generates AST.

So, I thought it would be eaiser for me to achieve my goal by modifying a bit of sourcecode and install it.

It may not be ideal solution but unfortunately, I cannot come up with any second thoughts to it except for making own custom plugin or modifying that plugin.

would you recommand me to write my own custom plugin or would it be alright to modify the plugin?

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Hello, maybe it would be better to write your own plugin, if you did’nt understand what the plugin you’re found does.

But if you have access to the source code of this slang plugin and understood all the plugin structure, i don’t see why you couldn’t use it.

Tell us if you have any doubts about how to write custom rules, i think i can help you if you need.

Have a good day!