How to transition a security hotspot?

SQ 8.6.0

How to mark a hotspot “safe”?

According to the web_api, one still uses api/issues/do_transition even though hotspots are “first class citizens” and other api/issues call no longer work with hotspots, e.g., issues/search. The documentation for api/issues/do_transition says “The transitions involving security hotspots require the permission ‘Administer Security Hotspot’.” – so this means this is the call to use for hotspots? And yet “safe” is not listed as a possible value for the transition parameter.

Then again, there is also the call api/hotspots/change_status, which does list “safe” as a possible value. So is this the one to use? I tried this on a dummy project (used for destructive tests) and got a 204. Should I assume nothing was changed if I get something other than a 204?


What’s called when you mark an issue safe from the UI?