How to test your plugin on commercial editions of SonarQube

Hi all,

I’m developing a plugin which adds a page to the webapp. Some of the content on the page is comes from the measure of a custom metric. The metric is set during the analysis of a project started with the sonar-scanner. I realised that on the developer edition of SQ the measure will be set for a specific branch given branch-specific analysis. I’m familiar with the API that I should use to retrieve the metric on the page but I have never valorised the branch parameter.

I’d like to actually test this situation on the developer edition of SQ. Ideally a trial license should suffice but I am also aware that you do not provide licenses for personal use due to a company policy. Also I read on here that you do not need a license to test on commercial editions. Hence why I’d like to know what is the simplest way to go about it?

Thanks in advance for the replies.


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So, okay. I did say “You don’t need a license to test on commercial editions” but that was specific to that thread’s context, which was testing localization - i.e. web rendering.

In your case, where what you want to test is rendering of a custom metric in a branch context, you will need a license because (also from that thread):

And you’ll need to run analysis to get your metric calculated for the branch.

Unfortunately, I don’t see a good path forward here except to shell out $150 for a Developer Edition license.


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