How to stop SonarQube from creating users automatically using LDAP


We are using the latest community edition of SonarQube, and want to check is it possible to disable LDAP auto user creation.

The use case is, we still want users be able to authenticate using LDAP, but NOT allow all users to sign-in, i.e, create accounts in UI by admin first (as required by coporate policy), then users can login/authenticate via LDAP.

We noticed in the past, there is an option:

Just to confirm is this possible now?


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I too have a vague memory that creating new users was optional, but I’m not finding that in the docs now. And I’m not remembering any discussion of that going away. So I’m going to pass your question along to folks with a better chance of knowing (or knowing where to look).


Thanks Ann

Hi @JackieXiao ,

Unfortunately, there is no way to deactivate auto-registration of users with LDAP.