How to setup Sonarqube to analyze different make targets seperately in a project

(Vijay Krishna) #1

My project looks like this:

-> make target revision-A
-> make target revision-B
-> make target revision-C

And for each revision I am trying to run the sonar analysis and my looks like this:



Is it possible to run multiple analysis for different make targets (each revision is a make target) using the same project key by adding some additional parameter? Or the only way to setup this is using a unique project key for each make target?

(Massimo Paladin) #2

Hi @vijaykrishna89,

what are revisions in your context?

  • build of same compilation units with different configuration?
  • build of different compilation units?
(Vijay Krishna) #3

Thanks for replying Massimo. It is the build of same compilation units with different configuration.

(Massimo Paladin) #4

Hi @vijaykrishna89,

we don’t support the case of analysing the same project with multiple configurations. I am afraid that if for you it is essential to analyse multiple configurations of the same compilation units you will have to analyse with different project keys.

(Vijay Krishna) #5

Got it. I will try to implement it that way. Thank you.

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