How to set Sonar.project version?

(Teswar) #1


I’m using sonarqube -developer 7.6 version.
I’m struggling about sonar.project version. Here one developer created branch from master and then How sonarqube project version is going to work. Is it taking master version as reference and then sonarqube will analyse new code from the base line.

Please help me. Thanks in advance

(G Ann Campbell) #2


I guess you’re talking about PR/branch analysis with Developer Edition($)?


(Teswar) #3

Hi Ann,

I’m trying to give sonar.projectVersion in automated way. Can you please help me how can sonar.Project version will work. If we give sonar.projectversion as 1.1 and if we do next analysis with same version then How sonarqube will take that as baseline or since it is same it will keep analysis from the base version that is 1.1