How to reduce the sonarscan process

Hello All,

We are looking for some options when the sonar scans our code. The initial runtime of our pipeline is ~15 mins but after sonar integration it jumps to ~ 1 hour. Are there any tweaks that can be made to reduce and speed up the process?

Thanks in Advance.

We need your guidance to achieve this without impacting existing pipeline.

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Hey there.

What language(s) are you analyzing? How large is your project? What environment are you running the analysis in?

The more details you can share, and even analysis logs, the better. :slight_smile:

We are analyzing C# language and running it in Preprod environment.
Build takes more than an hour, because the solution file has 65 projects.

I am unable to share the Build logs as it is too large.

Here’s a guide that might help you: