How to re-upload code into SonarQube by manually for code analysis

Hi Team,

We created a new project in SonarQube & we uploaded the code manually for code analysis & we have observed few bugs, blockers and some major issues.
After that we have made changes in code on our machines locally & how should i need to upload the latest code into a sonarqube project (Which is created to scan the code manually) ???
Or else do i need to create a new project everytime to scan the code manually in sonarqube???

Hi @sreenath,

Thank you for reaching out.
If you want to upload the latest code on the SonarQube project you just have to relaunch the SonarScanner via the CLI in your project’s folder. Your project will automatically updated after that.

Don’t hesitate if you have any other questions.


If any document available to do this, Would you kindly share me the link please…
& to relaunch the SonarScanner via the CLI from project’s folder —> Is this only can perform by Admins of sonarqube project or else anyone can perform ???

Actually, SonarQube project is created by admins & uploaded the code(Manually) by admins itself & Development team has worked on bugs & dev team wants to re-upload the latest code to scan —> Is this Possible??

You can find documentation of the SonarScanner here.
First of all, I really want to get your attention on the fact that running locally the SonarScanner via CLI is for testing purposes. It is not meant to be used in production mode.

Why do you think you need to do it this way? Have you considered integrating SonarQube into your CI? I really encourage you to do it that way because that is what SonarQube is really best suited for.