Need help in running scans for projects

We are running Sonarqube 8.9.1 version and recently we have upgraded Database which is Aurora Postgresql 9.6 to 13.3 latest Postgresql version. So to test the sonarqube application that nothing is broken after the database upgrade i need to run the project scans in Sonarqube manually so how can i do this ?


I assume you already have existing builds or pipelines with a Sonarqube analysis !?
The analysis typically runs on another machine in a CI/CD pipeline (Jenkins, Gitlab …).
So start one or more of them - better no release build :wink: but a snapshot / feature branch - and see if it works as expected. In case of doubt contact your dev teams or CI/CD admins to start those jobs.

You may also test with a local analysis running on your machine, the examples here

come in handy.

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