How to make different branch Main_Branch without losing scans

I know you can rename branches in the SQ ui or via api but what I want to do is rename and keep scans from the branches.
When our instance was setup the main_branch got set to the Master branches and we now want to change that to the Develop branches but both branches exist in SQ and both have a lot of history.
So how can I make that change without losing anything?


Hey there.

Today, there’s no way to non-destructively change the main branch to another branch.You can vote on this item in our roadmap

Let me ask an additional question. So our current setups have main_branch set to Master and we want to change the main_branch setting to be develop branch. How does renaming accomplish this? Is there an additional step I need to take?
I should add, all of our CI/CD setups always pass in the branch name as one of the parameters.

Renaming the branch will make sure that scans targeting that branch end up in the right place (analyses of develop will land on the branch named develop)