How to inspect the test coverage via the Sonarlint extension for VS Code?

Hi, I installed the Sonarlint extension in VS Code. I write code in typescript and in order to test this code I write tests using the jest library. On the SonarQube server I get the information how my test coverage is. But in order to get this information I have to push my code every time. Is it somehow possible to get the information about my code coverage directly via the Sonarlint extension for VS Code?


  • Windows 10
  • VS Code 1.51.0
  • Sonarlint 1.18.0


Hello @Niklas_Weber,

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There is no way to look at your coverage in VSCode with SonarLint.
SonarLint does not run the tests, it’s only analyzing on the fly the files you’re editing.
But you may get this information from plugins that would let you run your tests and report coverage in VS Code (no idea which one though, just guessing)