How to include a feature test execution report separately from Jacoco unit test and coverage report

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Our organization puts high value on their black box feature testing of a product, which is run separately from unit and integration testing. How can we get SonarQube to show a test execution report separate from, and in addition to, the regular jacoco coverage and Unit Tests data? See screenshot below for an example test execution report. For the Feature Test execution report, coverage is not important/applicable, just the test execution summary data.

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Note: I’m using Gradle with the java and jacoco plugins. The unit test coverage and unit test data show up fine in SonarQube.

I have tried creating a fake “Generic Execution” report as described in the docs,
Generic Test > Generic Execution
and adding a reference to it via the below reports/path properties (note I tried various combinations of these properties).
It seems the SonarQube gradle task succeed (i.e. task initially failed due to syntax in the generic report file, but no error after correcting that), but the execution report does not show up anywhere in SonarQube.

From the sonar docs:

Language    Property    Remarks
All  sonar.testExecutionReportPaths  Comma-delimited list of paths to execution reports in the Generic Execution Data format.
Java sonar.junit.reportPaths         Comma-delimited list of paths to Surefire XML-format reports

from: build.gradle

    sonarqube {
        properties {
            property "sonar.projectBaseDir", "${project.rootDir}"
            // tried various combinations of these two properties and their values
            //property "sonar.junit.reportPaths", ['build/test-results/test','build/fake-reports/generic-execution']
            property "sonar.testExecutionReportPaths", ['build/fake-reports/generic-execution/TEST-fake-execution-report.xml']

My TEST-fake-execution-report.xml created from the documented example:

<testExecutions version="1">
    <file path="src/test/java/com/mycomp/somepkg/">
        <testCase name="test1" duration="5"/>
        <testCase name="test2" duration="500">
            <skipped message="short message">other</skipped>
        <testCase name="test3" duration="100">
            <failure message="short">stacktrace</failure>
        <testCase name="test4" duration="500">
            <error message="short">stacktrace</error>

Example of the type of test execution report we would like to see in SonarQube
Note: coverage does not matter for Feature Test execution report, just the summary data.


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No need to set this. It defaults to the directory from which analysis was run.

What does your analysis log show regarding the processing of your generic execution report?


Hi Brian,
I am facing sane problem is there any solution to share to fix the execution report