How to import issues from eslint report as Bugs

Hi all,
I’ve developed some custom rules for JS Language using eslint and imported analysis as external issues to Sonar following doc, but all the issues are showed as code smell.
It’s possible to import as BUG?

Thanks in advance


How are you importing these rules? I guess you’re outputting a native ESLint report? From what I’m seeing, that format doesn’t include a type, so your issues are defaulting to Code Smells. If, however, you converted to a Generic Issues format, you’d be able to set your issue type to Bug.


Hi Ann,
Thanks for your help.
You are right, i’m importing a native ESLint report, using -f json option. So if I understood well, I need to postprocess the report to convert it to generic format, is it?



Yes. And then you’ll be able to set the type.


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