EsLint rules all appear as Major in SonarQube


I’m using SonarQube Community EditionVersion 9.5 (build 56709), Sonar Scanner for MacOS and EsLint v8.18.0. I’m trying to import my EsLint reports into SonarQube to track my Angular project’s issues, so I’ve followed SonarQube’s External Issues docs and I have successfully managed to see all the issues from my projects in SonarQube’s console.

I’m aware of the limitations that this approach has, like not being able to resolve EsLint’s report’s issue, but I’ve noticed something that I didn’t expect: all the issues from EsLint’s report are categorised as “Major”. I knew that EsLint only has “error” and “warning” levels, but I thought that "error"s would be categorised as “Major” and "warning"s would be categorised as “Minor” or “Info”.

Doing some quick searches, I haven’t found any relevant information regarding this topic. Can someone give me some insight? Am I doing something wrong?

I can share more information, as my EsLint report or some screenshots, if you think it’d be helpful. Thanks in advance for your help.



Hey there,

Indeed, all imported issues are classified as having “major” severity.

Hello Colin,

Thanks for your quick response. It’s great to hear that this has already been issued by other members of the community and that a ticket is in place in order to support Angular’s EsLint plugin.