How to ignore sonar rule for - javascript:StrictMode

I need to ignore jsvascript property in sonar properties. We are using *.ts ,while converting it to *.js ,in each JS file very first line adding “use strict” and and getting issues like "
Use of JavaScript strict mode may result in unexpected behaviour in some browsers." , we found some solution to avoid in ts level by using " noImplicitUseStrict": true" at tsconfig file . But this is not acceptable ans trying to ignore that rule at ,we are not able to figure out how to ignore at

I tried to take ref from to fix .Can anyone help to solve this ???

You are not supposed to analyze generated code in SonarQube (converted JS in your case). For that properly set analyzed files so that generated JS files are not there: sonar.source, sonar.exclusions should help you. Check this doc