How to globally search/list all project tags within SonarQube

As a SonarQube Service Admin I’d like to know if there is a way to query (API, GUI) SonarQube to list the tags assigned to each Project within the Service and/or search all tags across all projects for certain tag names or content.

Enterprise Edition - Version 9.9.1 (build 69595), zip deployment

I’ve tried using the following search URL: https:///projects?tags=


there are two ways.

via web ui, see https://yoursonarhost/projects has a project tag filter in the bottom left corner


to get all project tags via web api, use GET api/project_tags/search
see https://<yoursonarhost>/web_api/api/project_tags/search
it’s also possible to limit search to tags that contain a supplied string

To get all projects assigned to a specific project tag use the internal web api, i.e.


see https://<yoursonarhost>/web_api/api/components/search_projects?internal=true

note = the filter must be encoded to form a valid URL (for example ‘=’ must be replaced by ‘%3D’)

the web api doc has some examples


Hi Gilbert,
My issue is that although I’m a platform admin I only get info regarding the projects I have access to. Is there a way to get a listing of tags in all projects without having to enable access permissions to all projects?

FYI, all our projects default to private.

You must have access to a project to get the project details.
As admin you should have global admin rights !?
With global admin rights i mean global permissions for admin and all checkboxes set.