How to find projects with a specific tag?

Using the Dev edition. In poking around in the APIs, I see how to get all the project tags, but I don’t get the tags on a project when I get info about the project.
I think I do get the tags when I ask for the component using the same key.
How can I search for projects with specific project tags without searching for all the components?

Hey there.

The Internal (check Show Internal API button in the Web API documentation GET api/components/search_projects which should help you.

Thanks, that works. But…
I am also trying to find components that have specific tags. clearly tags in (tag1, tag2) will find components with either tag. But I also tried tags=tag1 and tags=tag2 and basically got the same list.

I’m guessing the only real way to do this would be to search for one of the tags, then iterate over the results to reduce the set?