How to get code coverage from sub-modules of a project

We are using 7.6 version of Sonarqube server and we do analysis using sonar scanner batch file. C/C++ plugin version is 1.2.2.
Our project has multiple sub module. It is a c/c++ project. we run the build using TFS builds. We use Visual Studio Test to run unit test. Our main project does not have unit test defined but our main_project_test.exe links directly all sub modules which has unit test.
Issue which we are facing is that we cannot get the code coverage details in SonarQube.
In .runsettings file even if we include all the sub modules for analysis we are not getting 0% coverage.

Help in this is really appreciated

Shrinidhi Shetty

Hi @Shrinidhi09,

I believe you are trying to use community C/C++ analyzer, which is not supported by SonarSource, please refer to their support channel for help.