How to generate a URL for a Security Hotspot?

On SQ 8.6, when I bring up an issue list, and click on one issue in the list, the browser shows a specific URL that includes the issue key. I can forward that URL to a developer and say, “you broke, you fix” and the developer can go directly to that issue. But in a hotspots list, when I click on a specific hotspot, it just appends ‘#’ to the URL. I tried things like adding ‘&open=…’ to the URL, but it always just takes me to the top of the list.

So what’s the secret sauce for generating a URL for a specific hotspot?

This used to work, e.g., in 7.0.

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Hi @MisterPi ,

comparing these two i agree that this is not really intuitive, but you can still get a unique link by clicking on the
“get permalink” button in the screenshot below

hope that helps

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Yes, that worked. Actually, I want to auto-generate the URL in a script. From the URL generated I was able to derive the pattern:


The corresponding pattern for issues is:


That is, one uses “open” and the other uses “hotspots”.

(Replace the uppercase parts with the appropriate actual paths/keys.)

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