How to delete single (bad) analysis from sonar cloud

I got a project where a single a analysis went bad and no actual code was evaluated, basically the project went to 95 lines… I found and fixed the issue but now I got a huge “dent” in my history…

How can I delete that bad analysis?

Hi @Leonardo-Ferreira ,

You can delete an analysis in SonarCloud as described here in :

About deleting snapshots

Deleting a snapshot is a 2-step process:

The snapshot must first be removed from the project history by clicking on Delete snapshot. It won’t be displayed anymore on this History page but will still be present in the database

The snapshot is actually deleted during the next project analysis.

is there a more detailed version of the doc, perhaps with a screenshot? I just cant seem to find way…

here is what im looking at:

Here’s what mine looks like. It looks like you don’t have the gear icon next to the analysis, which is a permission issue:

Can you check if you have Administer permission for that project? You don’t have access to the Administration menu so you’ll need to ask the admin for this project.

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